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Decorative throws, as soft as silk, as cozy as wool! 

Nice use of materials for the soft and unique throws. Viscose in combination with acrylic and wool, or cotton, give the throws a light and comfortable feeling. Wraps around you like a cosy blanket for the evening on the couch by the atmospheric fireplace. Wit a warm throw around you, a beautiful evening outside on the terrace is an absolute pleasure. Even when the evenings get colder. The collection of soft throws is complemented by an extensive collection of cushions that match the color scheme of the throws (see 'cushions' section please). Due to the extensive collection in all kind of shades, there is a suitable throw for every atmosphere. From modern to natural, botanical garden or vintage style. Pastel tones for the romantic atmosphere and warm browns for Autumn. The collection is made of wool,viscose,acrylic and cotton,silk combinations.

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