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About Rocaflor

Rocaflor is an importer / wholesaler of interior -, table decoration elements and established in the early 90’s. At that time Agustin Clares y Sanchez, owner of Rocaflor, started importing artisan handmade pottery from Andalusia, southern Spain, along with the typical Spanish tapas ceramics.

As the market adjusted & various customers requested Porcelain dinnerware & accessories, Agustin with his enthusiasm and passion, searched worldwide from Europe to Asia to find unique collections.
In the past 20 years Rocaflor has build up her professional relations and with expertise now develops her own collections in tableware, table - and interior decorations, lighting and others decorative elements, with the last development ; a fine collection of handmade carpets, pouffes and pillows .

The passion for craftsmanship and handmade products, runs like a red line through the existence of Rocaflor… 20 years ago with the mission of handmade pottery: "Potter's hand creates pot it's soul" crafts and craftsmanship, to this day, is the fundamental base for the many unique collections of Rocaflor!

Especially nowadays, it is a challenge also for Rocaflor, to keep the balance between distinctive, competitively thinking as by sticking to its basic principles of craftsmanship. Both the potters in southern Spain, as the artisans in India, the craftsmanship passes on from generation to generation, according to their traditions. Together we are working on new collections with joined forces for a better environment and a sustainable production process where the ancient & traditional craftsmanship is not getting lost.

We are proud of our new website. With this we can show the collections that are made with passion and commitment, from around the world, created for our customers all over the world!

When you have any questions and / or wishes after visiting our website, please do not hesitate to call us: Phone +31(0)20 - 6404880. When you would like to see, feel, hold and / or smell our collection .... You are welcome at Rocaflor!

Rocaflor Team

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